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We are very pleased that you have stopped by to visit with us today. While you are here, be sure 
to click on the table to your right to access one of our "announcements" >>>>

  On the "Welcome New Students" page, we have a list of some of the classes we will be talking about 
in our "online-classes".   - In that "room", you will see a group of students, (who are in the middle of the room to your right) who will walk you over to Our College Campus.

  Once you arrive, you will find one of our student's -in the middle of the campus lawn-(she is wearing 
a purple hat) who is "handing out" brochures for you to look at. (It is a list of additional classes we offer) . 
You are free to download or print the class schedule for future reference)  

 If you like what you see, click on one of the links where it says >>>"Student's-Sign-Up-Page" (which is
 located (right-after) the "Beginning Meditation" Navigational Link) then fill out the "Contact Form", 
which is located (just below the group of student's on the "Sign-Up-Page"). 

  If you are a bit curious as to what "Community-Of-One" is all about; as well as the History of Our Community, we will be emailing you with that information near the end of the classes after you are 
feeling better about yourself and the world around you.

If you have any questions, you can either reach me at the email address below, or for a quicker response, click on the "Green Widget" located at the bottom right-hand corner.

                                              >>>[email protected]<<<

                                          Thank You...And Above All >>> "Enjoy You're Day" >>>



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This is Sally, she is one 
of our teaching assistant's 
You will see her around the campus.
​  To "prevent" you from having to scroll up, just click on my image, and I will meet you at the top of the page.