We wish to welcome our Visitors and Guests to our site. This place represents a small town community. It has a Visitor's center, a Sanctuary, Town Hall, Print Shop, etc. To get to the Community Park, click on the village above. From there, you may want to visit our Community Visitor's Center, (which is in the middle of the park). When you arrive (inside the Visitor's Center), just scroll down a bit, and you will find tabs on your left which will tell you all about our About Us page, and so on. To the right, you may wish to take our tour with Myrtle. She will take you on a tour of our community. 

  Please contact us if you have any questions or comments of your experience. We hope that you enjoy your visit so make friends with the acquaintances that you meet in your neighborhood. Find comfort and solutions that are presented here, to the everyday challenges that you encounter throughout your day. May you find peace, and happiness in your dealings with the world around you. 

                            From the Community of One Team