Some of the subjects which we will be discussing, (are listed below) 
 If you happen to venture out to Our College Campus, there will be one of our students(who will be wearing a purple hat) who will be handing out a brochure with a list of additional classes we  will be offering as well.

​*  Focus On  Loving Yourself
*  Knowing Yourself Better
*  Treating Yourself with Dignity and Respect
*  Enhancing Your Expertise and Talents
*  Useful Tools and tricks

​                        We will be hosting our classes through ZOOM 

 After you sign up, we will be sending you an email with more details on how and when to register.
 To reach Our Community College, just click on the students (in the middle of the room) and they will walk you over there.

                                  Have a Peaceful Day

                                                Thank you.

                                        Betty Tatum

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Welcome New Students
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