Some of the subjects which we will be discussing, (are listed below) 
 You will find a more detailed list at Our Community Classroom, or if you happen to venture out to Our College Campus, there will be one of our students who will be handing out a brochure with a list of the additional   classes we have to offer as well.

​*  Focus On  Loving Yourself
*  Knowing Yourself Better
*  Treating Yourself with Dignity and Respect
*  Enhancing Your Expertise and Talents
*  Useful Tools and tricks
*  Becoming a Community Helper

 We will be hosting our classes through ZOOM 
( more details are forthcoming on how and when to register).

​    To reach Our Community College, just click on the students 
 (in the upper right-hand corner) and they will walk you over there.
   Enjoy your day

                                       Thank you.

                                        Betty Tatum

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