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Community Park
Have A Beautiful Day
Visitor's Center

My name is Ben, and this is Kari.

Information Desk

Now that you are familiar with our various centers and what they have to offer,  
we have some brochures and information that you can "take with you". Just click on the student  at your far left. 

There is a door below (at the bottom of this page) that will lead you outside to
 Our Community Park.  Be sure to visit one or two of the centers you were interested in.  

We would love to read your comments about what you thought of the tour.  If you have any questions, visit our Information Office.  

              Thank you for allowing us to show you around our community. 

                                    We hope you enjoyed your tour.     

    Welcome To
A Model-Type Virtual Community
A Place Where We Include Everyone
And Exclude No One

For brochures,
 & community information,
click on the
student above.
or click on the 
contact link below.
Community Visitor's Center
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