(You will need a pair of headphones for this)
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​                  Just click on the picture below, and you will witness and experience a 

                                        "BEAUTIFUL & WONDEROUS  SIGHT"       

   To view the video, simply click on the red arrow (in the center).  To watch it "Full Screen", 
click on the  square in the lower right hand corner.  To "Exit" the "Full Screen", click on the 
same square, (in the lower right hand corner).

  Now,  sit back in your favorite chair...get comfortable, close your eyes, ( or open them to view, periodically the tranquil scene), take in a few deep breaths, and listen to the music, (or sound of 
the peaceful, gentle waves as they "splash upon the shore") / And or the change in scenery that is unfolding before you,  depending on which video is playing) -- completely relaxing your whole body 
and mind and dissolving away all the tensions of the day. .  

       With that, I bid you all a "pleasant afternoon" hoping that your afternoon is surrounded in 
  "oneness" and "peace".


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