We believe that when everyone  works together -- as One, it helps unite us all.... Benefiting all who live here -   
By rehabilitating the people on the street (refer to our Community Center), they become a vital part in each 
of our lives - helping us with a challenge or project that we are working on, or simply having someone to talk
to and in the process, we learn something about ourselves and others as well.  

                                   Below are some of the solutions we have come up with:

l)  Habitat for Humanity  -  "what if" the corporation utilized everyone in the community (leaving no one out)
    to help build houses, and inexpensive homes for the homeless, low income - anyone who needed and              wanted a "home".

2)  Teenager's and graffiti - instead of arresting the teenagers and throwing them in jail for spray painting a             building - "what if" you took the talent that is within the teenagers, and helped them find the good that is        inside  and have them put their "artistic" talents to work and paint a mural.  It has been done (refer to this        page -  Upbeat News)

3)  Grocery Store - By putting the Community Helpers in the back  - stocking shelves and helping customers,      you would then put the people who already work there up in front at the cash register - so there would be          shorter lines and happier customers.  Pay the helpers with the food donated to the Community Center.

4)  Schools - Community Helpers and volunteers can help build schools and repair broken down buildings,            repair broken pipes, assist teachers in student teachings, and run errands,

5)  Senior Centers -  Community Helpers, and volunteers can assist seniors in whatever they need in their 
     homes, at convalescent centers, transportation, just being a companion - having someone to talk to.    

6)  Retail Stores - Have Community Helpers and volunteers assist customers in finding whatever they are 
     looking for, help stock shelves, pick up clothes/items off the floor - to prevent customers from falling -            making  stores look neater.  Pay the helpers with clothes.

 Another idea is asking the Community Helpers,  to help you to find your "lost" children and pets,  help you clean the streets of unnecessary debris, help you repair the sidewalks.  They can also offer you their services and talents to various businesses around town, assist in the renovation of unsafe buildings to make them safe and liveable, and help in emergency type situations in the time of need. 

You will also find additional ideas on  Our Weblog page. 

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