Welcome To Community of One

                  Focus on Loving Yourself
                     & Those Around You

                 MESSAGE OF HOPE

First of all, we sincerely wish to convey to you, all our heart-felt condolences to all the brave and unique individuals, who have lost their lives (as well as those who are continuing to fight for their lives) -- due to the unforeseen, and unfortunate circumstances...  that these “Invisible....Flying…Green-Eyed…Monsters---  have been devastating and disrupting the lives of millions of people on
 our planet,    
  .                                   Our Hearts, and Loving Thoughts Go Out To All Of You.

 Researchers, who have created these vaccines, are still trying to come up with ways on how to distribute these vaccines out to you.  I will be posting, (on this page), any current information,
 about this, as time goes on.  

  Unfortunately, even though these vaccines will be readily available to us, in the upcoming future, these Green-Eyed Monsters continue to ravage our planet on a daily basis....

 Still - The “Powers That Be” (Our Government and Whoever) have no clue as to why these “Monsters” have come to our planet, in the first place, -  (to which they were found) Wuhan live animal market in China City -- "No One” seems to know. OR, has a clue on.... how to go about encouraging these Green-Eyed Monsters, to go back from whence they came... away from us, in a safe and positive manner. 

We would like to encourage all of you to attract, many valuable and learning experiences to yourself as possible... Open yourself up to positive opportunities that come your way.  May you get the chance to Feel --  the Peace & "Spirit of Oneness", surrounding you, as you continue to explore the wonderful world around you..

 May you have pleasant, and rewarding experiences  as  you go through all the ins and outs of   the Teachings and Opportunities that Welcome To Community of One,  brings you. 


                         May the Peace...Wellness...Prosperity...and... ..Oneness that you seek follow                                                          you throughout all the days of your lives