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     As we travel down the highway of life, we will be coming upon Four Pathways.  The First Pathway of our journey will be that of learning all the aspects of Loving, Accepting, Nurturing, and Honoring Oneself. 

      The Second Pathway (as part of Our Loving Ourselves Series) we will need to come to terms with those qualities of ourselves that we find challenging or difficult to change, (known as -  Our Shadows.) / Or another way of saying it, our  Undesirable Behaviors

     As we continue to work on our shadow selves, we will soon discover and become aware of those parts of ourselves that we have buried deep within us, that needs to be addressed and exposed to the light and love that we have within us. (thereby, accepting the good as well as the unpleasant aspects of ourselves, that we hold  against ourselves. And we hold these same "Undesirable Behaviors" against our fellow human beings as well... (i.e. - our anger...those prejudice discriminatory attitudes, our blaming others, and our  pointing fingers at others, as well as our judgements, and finding faults with others.... the hatreds we hold against ourselves and each other who are of a different opinion, skin color and religion.   (i.e. for example - consider these Unique Individuals that we come in contact with everyday) 

     Continuing along with these Dark Shadows Series, we will also be talking about - Our Thought Patterns, and Mindsets >>the Ripple Effects of Our Thinking Patterns.

   We will be going over the Mindset Process in Introduction-2, which delves into >> What Is a Mindset?  and  How To Develop a Healthy Mindset

                                                                           Continuing on turn to >>> Introduction 2




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