​ Welcome to your First Pathway.  You will be learning all the aspects of Loving Yourself,  As you go along this pathway, you will discover that there are some rules that you have to adhere to as you travel along your journey, 

 As part of our Loving Yourself Series you will need to come to terms with those qualities of yourself that you find challenging or difficult to change, (known as Shadow Work).  This is
 the Second Pathway that you will arrive at -  becoming aware of those parts of yourself that you have buried deep within you, that needs to be addressed and exposed to the light of the love within you. (Thereby, taking and accepting the good as well as the unpleasant aspects of yourself). (i.e. - your anger...those prejudice and discrimination attitudes you hold against your fellow man and women alike....your blaming of others, as well as your judgements... the hatreds you hold against others who are of a different opinion, skin color and religion, which you hold in your minds.. Included in these Dark Shadows Series that you carry around with you,....are your Thought Patterns and Mindsets.

  You will discover, as you do your Shadow Work, that there are some aspects of your personality that you need to address, and send the Dark Shadows into the light.  It is the people that you find that are Unfit For Society.  The Outcasts... the Undesirable... the
Homeless...people who are Disabled (in some way)..the Mentally Challenged...Included in this
description are, the People of Color...the various Religions which you find offensive...and the
People who hold a different opinion than you do...And lastly, your Political Affiliations.

Now, going along with this theory are the challenges that are being imposed in our lives,(which include the victims - (which could be your son or daughter). Whether you want to accept it. or face it or not... .of all the most terrifying... negative,,, inhumane...and horrific acts of violence which are being forced upon us, are the numerous Challenges that are affecting our lives, (on a daily basis).  

 Here at Community of One,  we decided one day to create a list of the Challenges that we are facing in our society, and emailed this list to our communities, and asked them to see if they could come up with some solutions to eradicate these challenges.

    The Third Pathway you will come to are the People Helping People concept. This is a place where you will begin to accept each other, as unique human beings-- uniting and uplifting one another in a spirit of camaraderie. (Camaraderie is a spirit of good friendship and loyalty among members of a group/or community)..- as you begin to love, accept, and trust, yourself, (as you learned in the Focusing Your Attention on Loving Yourself Series) you will learn to turn around and bestow the same unique qualities and gifts to the wonderful individuals that you come in contact with, (on a daily basis), applying the same principles that we apply here at Community of One.

                Include Everyone...and...Exclude No One -    No Matter Who They Are - 
                                            Or Where They Are From