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As you travel down the highway of life, you will come upon four pathways on your journey.  The  First Pathway 
you come upon will be that of learning all the aspects of Loving, Accepting, Nurturing, and Honoring Yourself. 

 The Second Pathway As part of our Loving Yourself Series you will need to come to terms with those qualities of yourself that you find challenging or difficult to change, (known as Shadow Work - here is another video you may want to check out, Another example of understanding and working through your own shadow work are Undesirable Behaviors . 

As you continue to work on your shadow processes, you will soon discover and become aware of those parts of yourself that you have buried deep within you, that needs to be addressed and exposed to the light and love from within you. (Thereby, taking and accepting the good as well as the unpleasant aspects that you not only hold against yourself, but against your fellow human beings as well... (i.e. - your anger...those prejudice and discriminatory attitudes you hold against your fellow man and women alike....your blaming of others, and you pointing fingers at others, as well as your judgements, and finding faults towards others.... the hatreds you hold against others who are of a different opinion, skin color and religion, which you hold in your mind.

Continuing along with these Dark Shadows Series, we will be talking about - are your Thought Patterns... 
The Ripple Effects of Your Thinking Patterns

You will soon begin to discover, that there are some aspects of your personality that you need to address, and send the Dark Shadows into the light.

For instance - Are you finding yourself thinking to yourself - (as it pertains to these certain individuals) - who may be in your opinion, be Unfit For Society, for example - the unique, individualized Disabled People who are either Mentally Challenged or Physically Challenged (in some way). the unique individualized People of Color...the unique individualized Native American People, the unique individualized people who practice their own Religious views, the unique individualized people who express their own opinions/viewpoints on certain topics that may be different than your own, and finally, the unique individualized People who display their own political affiliations, (if any.)

​Going along a somewhat, but equally important route are the Challenges that are being imposed on us, on a daily basis (it could be your son or daughter. depending on whether you want to accept it. face it or not) - I imagine, through no fault of our own, we have found that a lot of us, or even many of us are completely unaware of what is going on in our own neighborhoods. In my opinion these are the most negative-types of behavior the most inhumane...and horrific acts of violence which the world has ever seen

​ Here at Community of One, we decided, one day, to create a list of these Challenges , and emailed this list to our neighbors and various communities, and asked them if they could come up with some Solutions to eradicate these acts of violence.



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