.    I recently discovered the following website - me
 and after looking it over, I noticed how it began to make me feel.   I discovered that my thinking patterns had also changed.    I soon realized that my views on the topics below had a Wake Up Call for me as I mistakenly took the behaviors of a few groups of people and made these groups the focus of my attention. 

   In doing so,  I inadvertently dismissed (for which I sincerely wish to apologize)  all the wonderful people who have been and still are sharing this planet with us, To these people I wish to acknowledge, and thank them for helping so many people, by sharing their oneness with these people who are suffering with this pandemic crises, and other personal crises of their own.    I applaud the ones who have volunteered their time and effort by helping others in their time of need.  .

 Now- If there is any person out there who is reading this page and think that any part of this message DOES NOT apply to you...then, think again.  There are more surprises ahead of you, as you continue to read... Take a good look inside, and see if you can discover any Empathy (it  refers to our ability to take the perspective of and feel the emotions of another person)  OR  Compassion (it is when your feelings and thoughts include a
desire (or to take the initiative to help), whoever is in need.  .Also, remember to have empathy and compassion for yourself as well.

  As you look around you and  see  the ones "who don't quite look, or act like you, - TAKE INTO ACCOUNT - that they all  seem to have the same loving, compassionate, respecting of each other (for who they are) type qualities, as you - yourself.  
​ In Our Focusing Your Attention On Loving Yourself Program, you will soon begin to notice a warm, loving feeling deep within that you were not aware of before

NOTE:  THERE IS A WEBSITE, which I have included here that -  YOU MAY WANT TO CONSIDER READING (to see if it 
              applies to you and your life) - it may help you deal with a lot of your challenges that you are dealing with right now. -
              It's called"​Anthropophobia" (or a fear people and of society) you can find it on the  website below: 


As long as we continue to think the thoughts we have been thinking, over the years focusing... on the negative, -. The pre-judging attitudes, and the stereotype attitudes  (..(a stereotype attitude is a mistaken idea or belief many people have about a person or group that is based upon how they look on the outside.

  As long as we hold this type of prejudice within our own minds... it causes us to pre-judge another based upon the outward appearance of what a person looks like. As long as we  continue to have these negative thought patterns it dampens our enthusiasm and motivation. It  contributes to our decision making...our inertia...our, procrastination and ..our outright derailment of our goal-directed actions. It defeats us. It beats us. It creates the "bad luck"  experiences that we later experience as regret.

For a very long time now, (as we take a look back in history.1861-1865 and before) --.. we  have been having these preconceived ideas, opinions and attitudes which have been directed toward certain people based on their affiliations with a particular group.  These so-called  view-points have a set of attitudes, which supports, or justifies discrimination. It is these preconceived notions about the people who are "not like-us"...hating a person based on what he/she looks like on the outside (which is what gets us into trouble)..instead of accepting that person for who he is on the inside.. -(i.e. - =  part of our "oneness") 

  Another point, I would like to bring up, is that we have been carrying around this  "hatred"-type behavior (within ourselves)  -For centuries, as well as for decades...(and it still continues to this day)    Not only do we hate or dislike , mistreat and mistrust our fellow human beings,(including ourselves)  we mistreat our animals,  (domestic and wild) - which includes our pets, We have an organization called the  ASPCA.ORG  
 (the commercials we see which are displayed on television).

These people try to help these animals that we have abandoned. -. which also includes neglecting them (for whatever reason) . 
 As we continue traveling  down this lonely, and desolate road of our own making, - Not only do we mistreat our children, (through various acts of abuse (i.e .physical ..emotional...verbal, etc.) ..we also abuse our wives and husbands (as well)  with the constant Domestic Violent Cases in our Court Systems,

 Through no fault of our own, we have become accustomed to, or making a habit of -  ( looking the other way or simply not getting involved - perhaps out of our own fear)  .(much to our displeasure of the situations) we have refused to acknowledge the ongoing acts of violence, (as mentioned above).. This also includes an ongoing challenge of the   ​ Human Sex Trafficking Acts. These "Iniquitious acts which are especially targeted towards our young children  (boys and girls alike)- for the sole, purpose of sexual slavery and is an extremely, disgraceful, immoral and obscene, issue for our families, as well as our communities.    Human Sex Trafficking  is growing rampant throughout America, (as well as in other countries).  - Child trafficking victims, (whether for labor, sex or organ trafficking), come from all types of backgrounds,.  The victims range from a span of  1 year old, all the way up to 25 years old.    ​(To read more about what some people are doing to correct these ongoing injustices against young females and males, please refer to the Solutions Page.) 

Not only do we have these horrendous, inhumane, thoughtless "ACTS OF VIOLENCE"(i.e. - the countless rapes and, gun killings, and slaughtering of innocent and beautiful animals these acts of inhumanity seem to go on and on for no other reason than... 

 (1) "- We Don't Want to Get-Involved" and/or

 (2).   We have this ongoing "hatred" inside of us-   ​(Hatred which may sometimes be due to lack of communication or lack of trust towards                         ourselves or between two or more people.  A misunderstanding or a failure of sorts, which , may be the reason why a person has an                         inclination to hate            someone we know or dont even know.... (i.e. - anyone who doesn't "look like us ....  acts like us, or even
          thinks like us).

(3)     Which comes to my last point - OUR OWN UPBRINGING  --.  How were we raised?  Where did our formed attitudes, about ourselves and                the other people around us, come from? - While we were growing up...we apparently learned these concepts/ideas from the people we                    knew --. our parents, our relatives,or whoever raised us - ( and through no fault of our own), perhaps we ended up in a foster home,                          a shelter, or maybe we  ended up being homeless ,and having to live on the street.

. Whether or not we are consciously aware of it or not OR  want to face up to it or not...these events in our lives that we have either witnessed inside our homes (from our own personal histories)  or outside on the streets, or perhaps in our own neighborhoods even watching TV, or going to a movie that exploits/sells violence -- that takes a heavy toll on our lives. It not only affects our thinking, and actions,  (how we treat ourselves and each other)..,it  prevents us from thinking and behaving, in a positive manner.   It also,  prevents us from having any feelings of compassion or empathy towards one another..(including ourselves).   

If we refuse to love and respect ourselves FIRST,, we cant even imagine what another person is feeling, or even where this individual is coming from or even what they are thinking. (then begin loving those around us)  even, perhaps trying to consider "thinking" or "putting ourselves in the other persons place/shoes"...  We sometimes (in our minds) discover that we can't stand to be around -- ourselves or even another person -.(.who doesn't "look like usthinks like us or even acts like us"...we find ourselves ending up hating and despising ourselves and others so much, that it .repulses us! (we can't eat...can't sleep)  and out of the sheer acts of violence, we lash out towards these people who are around us - (with real or imaginary thoughts and behaviors) and that runs our lives and dictates our thoughts.

 . Not too long after these Green Eyed Monsters  arrived. ,we began "chanting" and "singing the praises" of - 'WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER ,Then, (without even thinking about it, because, we are so used to carrying  this attitude within us) in our very next step .. we turn around and walk away ( --  from the ONE INDIVIDUAL, who was just asking us for some small spare change, -  we abruptly, and completely dismiss (him or her)
 So we can get on with our day, we dont have the time to interact with this individual ..or we have more important things on our mind to think about? . .  
I feel that in order to help these Green Eyed Monsters  "go on their way" .and .never to have EVERYONE..(NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE .. WHO THEY ARE,... WHERE YOU ARE FROM OR EVEN WHERE THEY ARE FROM) make a 360 degree turn, and PERMANENTLY,  change our thinking patterns / and Mindsets.. 

                                                                         >>>be sure to read these important articles below>>> - 

. .FOCUS on the good, beautiful, and wonderful things in life - be grateful, and thankful for what God continues to give us.  Love, Honor, Respect, and treat EVERYONE around you, (including yourselves), with the dignity and respect that they (and you) deserve - after all -


I honestly believe and feel  (in my heart) that if we  CONCENTRATE and FOCUS on -  the statement -  WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER"
 then we will have to to start taking better care of ourselves and each other,...the homeless, the veterans, who risked their lives to "protect our country"...the poor...the destitute citizens of our society, and the disabled individuals... ..Just look around you....We have all the resources ,and the manpower...(the God-Given talents and expertise), of each and everyone of us -  we could ever need/or want..  We need to rid our lives of this our negative thinking patterns about ourselves and each other.  After all...if we want to experience and witness a brand new - loving, peaceful, and beautiful planet -- then, we all - (Each and Everyone of us) - individually .have to start with ourselves FIRST.

That is what this whole site is about.  Each and Everyone of us need to Love, Respect ,Honor, and Believe In Ourselves - it all begins with YOU.
YOU ARE A WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING.  When you start to feel this in the depths of your soul -- you will begin to love, trust and believe in yourself, 

Then you can venture out and discover what -  WELCOME TO COMMUNITY OF is all about,  you will feel the joy of what it means to join others in the awesomeness of PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE, and you will go from living in a world of VIOLENCE, and EVOLVE into a Beautiful Individual  who is now able to >>>JOIN HANDS & LOVE NICE. (BTW - the words - Love-Nice -- are the re-arranged letters of the word - Violence!!

 I believe that when these Green-Eyed Monsters came here, to our particular planet, at this particular time, it represented a   "WAKE-UP CALL" FOR ALL OF US..      We need to look within our hearts and souls, and take a good look inside and all around us and make a conscious effort to get involved with ourselves, and to all our fellow Human Beings...much like these people who are depicted in the website below:


 WE ALL  HAVE TO STOP ALLOWING F.E.A.R :TO RUN OUR LIVES.     F.E.A.R. is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.
  There's no true threat of any immediate physical danger, no threat of a loss of someone or something dear to us, actually there is nothing at all to be afraid of........ F.E.A.R. is an illusion. Something we fabricate in our own minds by pretending that it is real. Please read this article regarding FEAR -



                                                                      WHAT (IN THE HELL) ARE WE ALL SO DAMN... AFRAID OF? 

​We have conjured up these unimaginable thought scenarios in our minds that we don't know who or what to believe anymore .,We spread these untruths-- rumors around to anyone who would listen, . (i.e. these "so-called stories about how black people (including the ones who don"t look, or act like us -  who live in these poor neighborhoods,) and are "not of our kind" and use this as an excuse to react in our "old" ways of being/thinking, towards the individuals who live in these - horrible conditions... We end up .resorting to .violence by..., disrespecting and dehumanizing and killing these people - simply...because this is all we know?....because -  this is the way we have always behaved towards one another? - Because we have learned throughout the years, (from our parents, our peers, and society, as a whole), that...this is how we are "supposed to act".? ..To treat and react to someone who doesn't quite "look like us" treat them with dis-respect by de-grading them?...In our minds, we tell ourselves, - " this individual doesn't quite measure up to "my" way thinking... (dressing, speaking,or acting like me and some of my friends),, I (or we) will treat, and act towards (him as well as her),as I so please, because there is no one to stop me? In a inhumanely, horrendous, (not to mention) repulsively way..,-
                                                                                (in our minds) that makes it, an OK thing to do?

Whenever someone displays any kind of disrespectful behavior towards another Human Being, without considering the discomfort or pain of this person or animal, you can describe their actions as inhumane. A cruel government that keeps prisoners in terrible conditions is inhumane, ( 

(IN MY PERSONAL OPINION- whenever we mistreat the homeless, OR  the poor in the way society dictates, not excluding the way we have been treating these unique individuals, ( for all these decades) is a very, contemptuous way of being - (as described below), it is an inexcusable - like behavior. And. according to Dr. John Gottman,contempt (or contemptuous) is the single most corrosive behavior in all "types" of relationships. Treating others with disrespect, disdain, mockery, name-calling, aggressive humor and sarcasm are examples of contemptuous behavior. We.have allowed this "contemptuous behavior" to become such an ingrained habit...that we end up reacting to a situation, in a negative, violent way .instead of responding to the situation in a more positive,holistic - humane way..

  If we are ever going to make it in this world of ours -then we need to start loving ourselves and each other, and look at ourselves and each other as Unique, Creative, Empathic, and Caring Human Beings.   We need to start RIGHT NOW - and treat EVERYONE WE MEET as decent, respectable, trustworthy Human Beings. .I will be including in this portion of the site some videos and solutions that I think you will enjoy and hopefully learn from.. 

All of us -  (each and every one of us) needs to look around ...take some responsibility for what is happening in our societies .and that includes. all the Human Beings who live amongst us -  (which we are all a part of)... The characteristics of being human, are the qualities which forms the foundation of all other human qualities which include - love, honesty, integrity, courage, self-awareness, and wholeheartedness. These qualities define who we are as Human Beings    

  I think that what it all boils down to is this...  We have somehow...somewhere lost our "Humanity" .for .our joy...our oneness with ourselves and with each other ..Our "so-called" values ,of loving ourselves...   (Conscience is the fundamental commitment to be moral: the fundamental commitment to respect others. People of conscience owe each other, first and foremost,the respect for their consciences.)

 We allow our friends and other people around us ,to influence us and ,dictate to us, how we are going to treat another Human Being...Are we going to go with the flow of "popular opinion", or are we going to listen with our hearts, and decide to do whats right? 

 IN OTHER WORDS -- We need to  STAND UP FOR YOURSELVES...Trust in God. .Honor your beliefs and the decisions that you make -- (of what you feel in your heart is the right thing to do).. Do not let yourself be swayed by what others think, say or do.  Speak up when you see an injustice being done. Many people have a strong conscience but are afraid to act.  Remember the sentence above regarding F>E<A>R< and the article that went with it = .

LET US BEGIN ANEW,  Let's start responding to our fellow human beings with love, understanding, peace, empathy and compassion.

 Whenever we revert back to our "old ways" ,of thinking,  behaving. .and .acting  --towards others the way we have been - choosing to think, behave, and act and refuse to not change our "thinking patterns",.... Then  these... Invisible, Green-Eyed-Monsters... WILL KEEP COMING BACK, 

There is a very important article, I would like to share here - It has to do with the   Black and White Segregational Gap
There is another article, that i think you should read also.  It concerns our Homeless Population



 I  strongly believe that -that individual you just passed by on the street a moment ago, happened to be a unique, worth while Human Being that deserved your respect   .Did you have an opportunity, to say "hello", and  look into her/his eyes?  There has been a phrase that has been going around...This phrase says that the eyes are the windows to the is the idea that you are able to understand a person's emotions and sometimes the thoughts by looking into his or her eyes.

  Begin  treating everyone you meet  - including yourself ( especially, whenever you look in the mirror) someone, who deserves to be treated with dignity, respect, humanness, and kindness, and you will discover, that you will feel much better about yourself and the world around you...
.your whole attitude will change, and the world will appear much friendlier and brighter..



  Important--Message For the Year 2021 (Plus)
   Welcome To Community of One