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Guest Sanctuary Center
                                 Welcome to our Guest Sanctuary.   

                            At Our Community Sanctuary you will find:  

  • A personal and very powerful message as you enter the sanctuary;

  • Six very unique and individual rooms that will give you a feeling of hope and peace.

  • A church bulletin which describes in detail what you will find in each of the rooms.

  • A church office, where you can e-mail us if you have any concerns or questions. 
          Feel free to send us any pictures, inspirational messages and words of comfort
          for the people who visit our sanctuary.

          You will want to wear earphones in order to listen to Breathe of Heaven music                                           playing in the background of the "Comfort in Music" room.

          We hope that you will experience love, oneness and comfort here.

.                The next Guest Center we will be visiting, is our Guest Town Hall.

                                          To continue, click on the link below.

         Hello Friends
   My name is Pastor John
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