Community Directory

    We have provided a brief outline, describing how each of our centers help create a sense of unity within the community. 

  • Sanctuary -  you will find inspiration, wisdom, peace, and a place where it is ok to feel good about 
          yourself...where it is ok to love yourself and those around you.  And when you do this, you will find it easier to
          trust and accept the circumstances you find yourself in.     

  • Visitor's Center - We have brochures, flyers, and community information we will send upon request.  You can
          ask questions and receive a prompt response.  We offer free membership, so be sure to sign up.  

  • Gift Shoppe - In our gift shoppe, we have a list of neighborhood websites with unique items that perhaps, you
          would love giving as gifts to yourself, your friends, and to your loved ones.       .            

  • Town Hall -  we invite you to share what is on your mind, read about others successes--- and gain a 
  • new perspective about yourself and the world around you.       

  • Volunteer Center - you will find a place where you can offer your talents and expertise to those in need.  And
          perhaps involve the people in your neighborhood to volunteer their talents as well. 

  • Community Activity - We suggest that there are ways to work together as a whole, for the benefit of all.  We
          provide links to other sites who are involved in their own "community of One", and they have become quite
         successful.  We have also listed possible solutions to your everyday challenges that you experience on a daily basis.   

  • Campus -   we hold classes on self-empowerment - ways to love and accept yourself more, play word games 
          mixing up letters in words to create a new word, which changes how you look at the people and situations in your life. 

  • Print Shop - we encourage you to submit positive, upbeat stories to our weekly newsletter for others to read, and 
          give yourselves and the people around you something to look forward to    .

  • Cafe - at our cafe, you will find  ideas of ways to bring your family and friends, closer together.  Sharing a bit 
          of yourself with another person - writing a poem, uplifting your spirits by listening to some music, reading/hearing a                                joke bonding, and interacting in a positive way with your children.      

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