For Lunch - Enjoy a leisurely get together 
                  with a few of your friends.

For Dinner, you have your choice of:

  • Comedy
  • Music
  • Magic
  • Performing Arts
  • Poetry
  • Neighborhood Resources
          (food coupons, restaurant links)
  • Manager's Office
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Community Park
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Cafe Foyer
Community Park
Beyond these pages you will find something for the entire family.                We have come up with a few suggestions below:

We suggest ways to bond with your family and friends. From taking your significant other out to dinner, playing games with your children (i.e. word games, board games computer games)   Or even...writing
 a simple poem to your friend or loved one.

To proceed, you will find two tabs.  The tab on your left, you will find our Internet Connection Room (chat room). 
The tab on your right, you will find our "dining" room.  
        Our menu consists of the choices on my right >>>>>>
Welcome to our cafe.  My name is Henry,
                       I will be your host this eveniing.                     
    Welcome To
A Model-Type Community
A  Place Where We Include Everyone
and Exclude No One