The Above Quote Is For You.

              Take Care of Yourself.....Love...Accept...Trust...
                          &...Believe in Yourself

        ON LOVING YOURSELF           
       Welcome to Our Website.  At this time, we would like to tell you a little about ourselves. 

 In 2004, with the help of God, we started thinking about creating a website so people would feel better about themselves and each other.  This is how >>>>> Welcome To Community of One  was

​ We have been working on this site, for quite a while now. There have been several changes over the years.  We wanted our site to represent a "Small-Town Model-Type Virtual Community".

  We have a principle at our site, which states... Include Everyone and Exclude No One– ..(No matter who they are...where they're from...what language they speak...what talents/expertise they possess...and so on). Just as long as they are willing to share, trust... accept, and love themselves and each other in the spirit of friendship and oneness.

In the beginning, we started asking the people around us, to help us with coming up with some -- "Innovative Ways To Know Themselves Better... Begin to Love...Accept...and Appreciate Themselves more, on a daily basis..

​      With the help of God... please think on these thoughts to help you get through your day:

​                                                  RELAX...TRUST IN THE LORD

                                                 HE WILL SEE YOU THROUGH WHATEVER
                                                            YOU MAY BE GOING THROUGH

                                                  RELAX...DONT...PANIC...JUST BELIEVE

                                                  BE.... AT....PEACE..&....RELAX 

  This is the place where you will come across some helpful tips that will help you discover ways to find the inner beauty within yourself... where you can focus all your energy and all your aspects of your life, into one Fantastic Human Being...This includes the wonders, beauty, and awe-inspiring nature of Love.